About Pink Peddlers

Any person is susceptible to cancer. Cancer knows no race, gender or cultural background. We all have the fear of ever being told that we have the big “C” - cancer, yet our lifestyle, stress tolerance and modern eating habits have made us all possible targets of being diagnosed with some form of cancer.

The diagnosis of breast cancer could be one of the most dramatic events in any woman’s life. This diagnosis is a catastrophic event for any woman. Breast cancer not only affects a woman’s breasts but is also changes her state of mind and her physical appearance. Not only will the diagnosis of breast cancer have a devastating affect on the central character (patient) and member of the family, but the entire family as a unit as well.

The effects are also felt by the husbands/spouses both mentally as well as physically. These effects of course also ripple through to the rest of the family and children.

Bosom Buddies and Bro, both projects of the Breast Health Foundation, provide emotional and informative support to all affected by breast cancer from point of diagnosis.

Pink Peddlers, also a project of the Breast Health Foundation, was formed to create awareness surrounding breast health and the support groups available.

The Breast Health Foundation’s Vision

“Our vision is to redefine the face of breast cancer as perceived by South Africans in general and patients in particular; promoting a positive mindset of survival, recovery and quality of life”

The Breast Health Foundation’s Mission

“Our mission is to be achieved through the promotion of a multi-disciplinary approach to breast cancer specifically via the establishment of a “BREAST CANCER CHAIN OF SURVIVAL”

Early awareness of the disease

Early access to both information and appropriate awareness

Early support